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High Definition Imaging

ILX & 4D
  • Enables utilization of existing infrastructure

  • Paradigm shift in imaging

  • Flexible, targeted survey configurations

  • Best in class positioning repeatability for 4D

  • Compact and manoeuvrable spread

  • Efficient mobilization and acquisition

  • Use of pre-approved / chartered vessels

  • Accurate de-risking due to dense sampling in time and space

  • Identification of sub-surface obstructions and risk related objects

  • Soil integrity

  • Optimised planning of geotechnical activity

  • Export cable route applications

  • Site-survey application

  • Storage identification and verification

  • Seal integrity

  • Injection phase monitoring

  • Storage monitoring

  • Operations agility around infrastructure

  • High frequency sampling in space and time

  • Multiple high frequency source

  • Ideal for shallow targets

  • Detection of sulphide volumes

  • Best in class accurate trace positioning

  • Fast, accurate area coverage

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