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neomare aims to form part of the social fabric and to set standards for Corporate

Responsibility in the areas and countries in which we operate. As a result, Neomare embraces values and beliefs which are closely integrated into our corporateculture and day-to-day business activities. Neomare shall conduct its operations inaccordance with the following principles:

  • Maintain the highest standards of business and personal integrity mandated by the neomare Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

  • Respect and protect fundamental human and workers’ rights in a manner consistent with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

  • Promote a healthy workplace by enforcing equal opportunity and employment 
    among all employees by prohibiting unlawful discrimination due to gender, race, age, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation or religion.

  • Not tolerate any harassment of employees.

  • Protect and promote the health and wellbeing of local communities and employees through implementation of the Company’s QHSE Program

  • Provide fair compensation for employees’ work and fair rest time in accordance with an individual’s job function.

  • Encourage and support employees’ endeavour for personal improvement, so that they have the opportunity to maximize their achievements.

  • Inform employees adequately of the company policies and characteristics of each job, including any hazards associated with the performance of the job.

  • Afford fair access to all employees, local inhabitants and other stakeholders to voice concerns or grievances, which shall be reviewed with all due process.

  • Follow the laws, regulations, world conventions and best practices that demonstrate 
    neomare’ respect for regulatory bodies within the countries and communities of our operations.

  • Favour recruitment of labour and suppliers from local communities in the provisions of goods and services for the company’s projects when possible, commercially reasonable, and without compromise to the standards of quality and safety maintained by neomare.

  • Establish business relationships with companies that adhere to anti- corruption laws
    and promote fair business dealings.

  • All employees, subcontractors and service providers engaged by neomare
    shall be obligated to follow these principles.

  • neomare will monitor, assess and report on our conformity with this policy.


Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

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