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Intelligent Subsea Imaging

Neomare provide a resolution revolution in subsea imaging. Using the latest acquisition technology and techniques, deployed from a flexible, scalable and efficient platform to produce ultra high definition 3D (UHR 3D) imaging of the seabed and below. 

Neomare addresses the challenges faced by our customers in de-risking offshore energy development of new sites for renewables and prolonging the life of existing resources. The flexibility of our solution allows us to target specific customer demands across our markets.


With services supporting the energy transition, Neomare's solution offers energy providers and developers a key element in the value chain with sustainable site characterisation operations that offer reduced environmental impact and improved efficiencies.

Value Creation

Offshore Wind

A survey spread that increases efficiency and confidence in hazard detection. Legacy techniques relied on a sparse 2D grid, creating uncertainty when analysing data to identify potential hazards. With the tightest sampling in space and time, Neomare's highest resolution UHR 3D data, acquired during the early stage of site development, avoiding reacquiring 2D data and targeting geotechnical investigations, presents developers with clearer insights and enables informed decision making.

Carbon Storage

The viability of a secure site for carbon storage requires the highest quality data to ensure integrity of the proposed location. By providing the highest resolution data, Neomare’s Carbon Storage solution answer those questions around suitability of a storage site. Ongoing, repeatable surveys can monitor the injection process once the site has proven viable.

Infrastructure Led Exploration (ILX)

Current focus on energy security and the demand from operators for high value barrels means Neomare’s ILX solution offers value for customers seeking to maximise recovery from existing assets. With an agile compact solution, geophysically targeted to the location, 3D or 4D high-resolution data facilitates ongoing development and production for the field.

Deep Sea Minerals

Neomare are following the development of this new resource, the application of our technology can prove to be an enabler when seeking out the location of near surface minerals through a non-invasive acquisition process, acquiring the high-resolution data needed to locate potential deposits.

About Us

Dedicated, experienced team

Neomare was founded with a purpose to redefine high-definition seismic data. With solutions recommended and inspired by surveys and techniques from a major energy company, a group of former colleagues set about with a passion to develop these techniques into a viable solution that the industry has requested for years.


The team at Neomare includes a widely experience group of professionals from the offshore survey and exploration sectors, specialising in geophysics, geoscience, marine operations, business development, health and safety. Supported by an advisory board encompassing experience and representatives from a number of related industries.

Neomare operates from a firm foundation of excellence, integrity, trust and inclusion in all our business activities and interaction with customers and suppliers. Our ESG is built around UN sustainability goals, appropriate for our operations and activities within the energy transition.

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